Current projects

«STRAGILS«- Stockholm premiere 7/12

ABOUT THE SHOW: Stragils is a new physical, poetic, and explosive contemporary dance performance directed by Mireia Piñol. Created in collaboration with a fierce collective of five female dancers who take the audience on a journey that explores the paradox of human strengths and fragilities in equal measures. It is a journey through emotions, absurds, love, conflict, and humor, among many others.

The piece aims to inspire audiences to change, reflect, and understand. To become a Stragil is to be a supportive, strong, and fragile human being, full of love and respect for oneself and others. Connecting and fighting with the relationship with our built-in and imposed armor. Emotional camouflage, a state of denial and resistance, is juxtapositioned with our ability to accept, care, and understand.

Stragils will embody a new desire for an intricate fabric of moods and human survival mechanisms that will help us to thrive and carve out a safer space that we can call our own.

(The for the SWE language info PDF please click HERE)

Artistic Team:

Dancers and Co-creators: Anna Borràs, Carla Sisteré, Alma Steiner, Dunya Narli, and Elli Eklund.

Director, Dramaturgy and Idea: Mireia Piñol

Assistant in creation: Anna Borràs

Acrobatic team support: Alberto Feliciate

Composer and musical advice: Nandi Vileika

Costume and Textile design: Lauri Hallivuori

Textile installation design: Elin Stampe

Light design and technician: Angela Ximenström

Documentation / Film: Karl-Oskar Gustafsson

Graphic design: Foni Ardao

Marketing/diffusion support: House of Producers

Producer: Jonas Robin and Mireia Piñol

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Nacka Kommun and Konstnärsnämnden

In residency at: Subtopia and Dieselversktaden