Creative process

How does

our creative process work?

Editors note: Please make yourself a cup of something before you continue to read this essay-sized «about» blur that’s a part mission statement, part explanation of how Alberto and Mireia go about their creative process.

Our work

It’s difficult to box in and label our process and work. The aim is to create high-quality performances that engage audiences and trigger something within.

When the final harvest of our labor hits the stage, it does so, thanks to countless hours, days, and weeks invested in collaborative work between our duo, other creatives, and students.

Our work practice is to create by sharing our experiences and knowledge with other creatives without being hostages of our body of work and stamped-out pathways.

As mentioned in our «about us» section, what we do is a fusion of keen interests we’ve been deeply engaged in since childhood. The artistic field is mixed with notions of various physical activities. We blend acrobatics, dance, and theatre with sport into an integral plaid of expressions.

We aim to facilitate, guide, and support «the creative journey» driven by goal-orientated desires.

Game, action-reaction, technique, investigation, creativity, energy, health, care, and good vibes are concepts we play in our processes.

Learning and joy are two vital components of our excellent work. That’s our motto: Never stop learning to continue growing and playfully enjoy every moment.

When it’s time for our creations to meet the audience and our industry peers, we’re often asked to label our work so that people can make sense of it. Is dance? Circus? Acrobatics? Contemporary? Gymnastics? Movement? Martial arts? Roller skating? Climbing? Surfing? Choreography? Direction? External eye? Coordination? Production? Pedagogy? Creation? Coaching? Physical preparation?

It’s possibly all of the above labels and more. We try to extract what’s needed from each «bracket» to aid the creation process.

Despite the desire to and outside pressure, we haven’t found one unique label that describes our work. Unless «Goal facilitators» is one.

Whatever projects we embark on, we like to think that they always involve passion, empathy, care, creativity, and health.

Besides our previous experiences in different fields, we are constantly developing and researching. We continue learning, exploring, and investigating other techniques to offer a wide range of flexible solutions to «your» different needs.

We are lovers of studying movement, from its simplicity to its more acrobatic way, both in artistic/creation and pedagogical processes.

On the one hand, each assignment is unique, with its individual needs, so we can develop any specific work related to your needs as an artist, institution, collective, etc.

On the other hand, we also continue offering a series of «base pedagogical courses» that we enjoy in dance, movement, acro movement, roller skating, and acrobatics for students, professionals, and pedagogies.

In conclusion, with all these past years of experience, we have realised the void of the labels, the emptiness of factory teaching, and the importance of the content. This is why our work is hard to describe since it can be adapted to your needs in multiple ways, being personal and unique for your life or professional project.

We prioritise quality and health (professionally and personally) to share good work made with care and love.

Alberto and Mireia